Introductory Glider Flight 2015


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Introductory Glider Flight 2015

ntroductory Glider Flight 2015

Experience the joy of SOARING!

You are invited to visit us at Lake Village Airport for an introductory flight in one of our FAA-certified Schweizer 2-33A sailplanes. The ride will last from 15 to 30 minutes depending on how many thermals (columns of warm rising air) we find.

All introductory flights are given by commercial glider pilots licensed by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). We operate primarily on weekends from April through November, weather permitting. To check if we will be flying on any particular day, please call us the week before to schedule an Introductory Glider Flight.

Schedule one for yourself, a friend or a loved one. It will be an experience of a lifetime and they make great gifts!

Introductory Glider Flight certificate must be redeemed by November 15, 2015, and not valid for redemption before April 04, 2015. Only valid for redemption by presenting to Park Forest South Aviation Group, Lake Village Airport, Lake Village, Indiana. Introductory Flights typically last from 15 to 30 minutes depending upon weather conditions and piloting skill with no guarantee of flight duration. Certificate is valid for only one person for one flight. Passenger weight restrictions apply, call ahead for details. All flights are subject to weather constraints which may require rescheduling a flight on short notice -- so schedule your flight sooner rather than later! All certificates for this Event are NON-REFUNDABLE and expire on November 15, 2015. Call (708) 479-5578 one week in advance to schedule your flight!