Special Needs Planning Consultation


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Special Needs Planning Consultation

Make it easy, efficient, and affordable to plan for your family's future.  Everybody has the ability to be impactful in the lives of others; however, planning for a loved one with special needs can seem overwhelming.  Because of my personal experiences, I understand and can help guide you through the process.  I can help you achieve peace of mind through planning #BEIMPACTFUL to those you love!


Generally when I begin working with a family with a loved one with special needs, I take them through a three step process that gives them confidence that they have thought through and prepared for all four aspects (Life, Resource, Financial, and Legal Planning) of a comprehensive special needs plan.

1.     The first step in my planning process with clients is creating a Life Plan. This involves having a conversation that I facilitate where I ask you relevant questions to create a Life Plan for your loved one with special needs. Leaving this first meeting, you will have in your possession a completed Life Plan.

2.       The second step in my planning process with clients is creating a Resource Plan. From the information gathered during the Life Planning first meeting, I am able to compile information for you, including resources, services, and organizations that will serve and be impactful to your family’s unique needs. During this step, I will also gather information about your family’s financial picture, in order to guide you to financial strategies that will be impactful to your entire family.

3.       The third step in my planning process with clients is creating a Financial Plan (and Legal Plan, as necessary). During this step, I will present recommendations for your Financial Plan. I will also recommend a resource for creating a Legal Plan, if necessary.