Businesses Join Bally's List $240 Annually


Businesses Join Bally's List $240 Annually

People living with disabilities are the world’s largest minority group with an annual discretionary spending power of over $200 billion. Bally’s List is a comprehensive directory of businesses that want to market their products to people living with disabilities, their families  and caregivers; which represents 27% of the U.S. population. Our Bally Foundation Families are extremely loyal clients and once they obtain services from an organization they tend to refer those services to other families more frequently than other customers.  Your business will receive its own offer page under the category bundled with Bally Foundation for only $240 per year.  You can run a promo special of percentage off that will give a percentage to support Bally Foundation. You can also join the GoYodel Non-Profit network for $989 per year to reach up to 600,000 non-profit donors and supporters.

Step 1 Buy List Offer- Step 2 Submit your info to link below  Email Your Image as a attachment for your offer page to in the subject line put "Bally List Photo-(Your Name)- (Your Company Name) 

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Sell-Connect To Multiple Businesses/Non-Profit Networks at Once

•Connect- Market- & Sell with other Bally’s List clients

•Facebook & Twitter Shares for all Products, Services, and Event offer pages for Daily News Feed Marketing

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•Showcase All Non-Profits & Businesses you support  motivate NEW Clients to buy & Help a Cause!

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