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Toxic Waste Mini Packs Poly Bag
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Toxic Waste Candies PACKAGE Kids Favorite! Supporting Indiana War Memorials Foundation


Toxic Waste Mini Packs Poly Bag

120 4-piece packs of assorted Toxic Waste Hazardously Sour Candy



Indiana War Memorial Foundation

Our Mission: To promote public support for the Indiana War Memorials which operates to acknowledge and honor the value and sacrifice of the soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines of the United States, and of all who rendered faithful, loyal, heroic and self-sacrificing service at home and overseas, and to inspire patriotism and respect for the laws to the end that peace may prevail, justice be administered, public order maintained and liberty perpetuated; and preserving and promoting the historical and educational activities of the Indiana War Memorials.

The Indiana War Memorial Plaza Historic District includes American Legion Mall, Veterans Memorial Plaza, University Park and the USS Indianapolis (CA-35) Memorial on the Canal. The parks are also available for use, from small private events to large public events. Indiana War Memorial outdoor venues must be reserved prior to use. Please submit the IWM Event Rental Application to our Event Coordinator to reserve the space for your event.